How can you ensure and improve customer loyalty?

Issue Description

Customer Experience Management has become the most important issue in the mobile and fixed network operators' world.

CEM is divided into many different parts and areas, however, in general, it covers everything, in which a customer might be involved.

Apart from areas like Call Center, Customer Care, Marketing, and Advertisement, etc., a big part of CEM is to ensure the Quality of Service and Network Quality delivered to customers as well as customer's journey on operators portals and websites.
Revenue assurance and correct billing are also one of the most important items of CEM.

The challenge is to ensure the Quality of Service and Network in an end-to-end manner, from an end customer's perspective, rather than rely on measurements and indications from inside the network.

Our Solution

PIXIP.NET's products are designed and prepared to deliver a real and almost just-in-time view to the quality of Network and Services from end-Customer's perspective. Our test probes act like real subscribers and generate real CRDs by using real services in a real environment, however under absolutely controlled circumstances with the goal of collecting all possible measurements and traces.

Test scenarios can be designed in any thinkable action flow and can be distributed to the test probes in a very flexible way.
Since there is no need for our test probes to be connected to the network except using a subscriber line or a SIM card, you can easily place the probes at any location of your choice, like shopping malls, Airports, or any other POI and distribute them among the whole country if needed. Places  are predestinated.

The combination of a highly flexible testing environment (XMASS) with an almost just-in-time monitoring system (XOS) provides you with an early warning system to avoid customer dissatisfaction and complaints by helping you to find issues before your customers do.

Our RAS system not only provides you one of the best in its class Call generation system, but also utilizes Xrate, which is a world-class re-rating and reconciliation system to recalculate the prices according to the rerating plans and highly precise time measurements and compare them with XDRs coming from your billing system. This way dealing with issues like over-charging, under-charging or early-charging belong to the past.

Technical Highlights

Economic Benefits

  • Enterprise QoS platform – one system to test all services from voice to products like music portal
  • Module based platform enabling step by step growth
  • Low-cost test probes – mass testing possible
  • One single system for different user groups like radio and network testers, service testers, portal testers and product testers
  • Future safe system – module based extension for new services or new network technologies Full featured web-based Reporting, Monitoring and Alarming System included
  • Low installation costs – plug and play distribution of test devices
  • Low support costs – unattended testing capabilities, remote access
  • Stationary-, mobile-, drive-, field and on device testing with one single system Customized test scenario creation capabilities – no additional costs for new test scenarios Automatic test scenario creation using XMASS
  • RSD and HTTP/WAP Recorder within few minutes
  • Create Once, use everywhere – export – Import capabilities between multiple system installations
  • Enterprise Integration with SAP/Business Objects platforms


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