Data Warehousing is the most important pillar of every well designed Business Intelligence Solution.
Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions run on industry standard RDBMS and in-memory DBMS (like SAP HANA, MS Tabular Models, ...).
It delivers reporting, analysis, and interpretation of business data that is crucial to preserve and enhance the competitive edge of companies by optimizing processes and enabling them to react quickly to meet market opportunity.

Propper steps in creating a well designed DWH are:

  • Design and modeling of the data warehouse Data model

  • Implementation of the data integration process (ETL, ELT, EAI and EII)

  • Implementation of theme-specific data marts

  • Creating a qualifying metadata management

Our expertise in Data warehousing allow us to integrate, transform, and consolidate relevant business information from productive applications and external data sources with a high-performance infrastructure that helps our customers to evaluate and interpret there data.
This Infrastructure gives the decision makers the opportunity to make well-founded decisions and identify target-oriented activities on the basis of the analyzed data. In addition, we offer capabilities to track various important KPIs in organisation.


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