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Test any service, anywhere, at any time! Today, one of the challenges is to search for new sources of revenue and to improve the existing ones. At the same time, there has been an immense pressure on mobile operators to offer their services with better conditions. This has resulted in a massive reduction in their revenue.

Only through improved data transfer has it been possible to offer costumers new and innovative services.


One of the front-runners in this regard is international business (Roaming), which is very often neglected and limited to offering voice calls.roamingglobe

This will cause operators on an international scale to work closer together, to ensure that the customer while abroad will enjoy the same quality of service that he is used to in his home country.

The PIXIP.NET solution branded “Xroam“, is based on a centralized testing platform with remote mobile probes.

The solution is based on the PIXIP.NET web-based “XMASS“ test platform and the XOS“ monitoring platform.

This provides a very flexible and reliable solution, which can be individually calibrated over a period of time to meet the requirements of network providers.

Our test library already includes support for mainstream mobile services

Call Establishment SMS Availability MMS Performance
Video Quality Voice Quality Location Update
CLI Call Forwarding Call Barring
IREG Tests CAMEL Tests TADIG Tests
USSD Availability PDP Activation PS Attach

With the help of an extensive Test Scenario Library, all current mobile services can easily be tested

Among other features Xroam offers:


  • Fully managed service
  • Pay per Test or pay per Time Slot
  • Web-based personalized test management
  • Huge test capabilities (ref. EMQP)
  • Covering IREG, TADIG, and GRQ
  • GRQ certified
  • Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Ticketing and Collaboration
  • GIS-based information
  • KPI / KQI based monitoring
  • Report distribution
  • Report collaboration
  • Report archiving
  • Local and Remote SIM Server (SIM Multiplexer)

Central Test Platform

The centralized test platform is capable of implementing the complete range of IREG & TADIG tests and customized tests can be easily constructed using the modular test case methodology. In addition, the test system can be configured as a QoS test platform running a range of end to end tests with powerful near real-time reporting capabilities.

Central SIM Server

The test platform is complemented by a SIM server capable of storing a large number of SIM cards (scalable from 32 SIMs upwards). The SIM server enables the probes to be remotely configured with a profile of any of the available stored SIMs so that testing can be carried out by simulating any roaming of an operator’s mobile where the SIMs are available. The SIM server can be positioned at any location with IP connectivity to the probes and the central server, which enables a range of implementation options to be supported. This is very strategic since many operators wish to maintain their own SIM inventories locally.


XMASS offers the complete environment from the leading BI software vendor Business Objects. Depending on the individual requirements, there are a number of packages offered. In the case of a very large number of tests and the corresponding test results, PIXIP.NET can offer a Xanalyse package, which includes tools for DWH and ETL. As the number of tests increase, simultaneously, also the accuracy of the test results. The post processing of millions of test results can be very well handled with our Xanalyse package.

Xanalyse consists of:simserver2

  • Embedded BO Data Integrator
  • Predefined libraries of reports for different KPI‘s
  • Consolidation of data from various systems over ETL process (XML, flat files, RDMS…)
  • Real-time and post process analysis
  • Filter based view (different point of view)
  • Drill down functionality
  • The combination of test results with data from various systems like ERP, CRM, Billing…  
  • Combination of test results with data from different network tracers
  • Web-based reporting

Data Integration

The operative system will be relieved in this way and can concentrate on collecting the data. Subsequent handling of the data will be done with Xanalyse package, which can sort the data based on services and present the data in various formats.

Data Integration GUI

The significance and expressiveness of the report are improved. One can combine individual test cases (services) with one another and in this way you can achieve service based reporting whereas in the case of scenario-based tests, analysis can be done from the point of view of End2End testing. A large volume of service based information is gathered through portal testing/cross service testing. When this information is combined, it produces a large number of test results. Extended Analysis also offers interfaces to many other data source types including RDBMS, XML, and Flat files and so on. This allows one to combine data from other systems with that of XMASS and to produce interesting results. The ETL tool Data Integrator allows one to visually define the data flows, data joins and conversions, as well as define and test the processes.

The reporting server contains many BO universes that are suited to different types of reports.Revenue Assurance

Revenue assurance 

XMASS, XOS, and Xanalyse package can be used in combination for Revenue Assurance.

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