Because in times of falling margins in the entire value chain from a single source, network operators have started an outsourcing of networks and even network operations. Looking for new business models and in the fight against the loss margin, mobile operators have established more and more brands for specific target groups.
The providers operate on different strategies. Some have converted to dealers and focus on selling products of network operators. The others set mostly on a low-cost strategy and become virtual network operators. Called Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

The MVNOs do not have a network but use the infrastructure of a true mobile network operator. Unlike a reseller of MVNO, they market the mobile as an independent brand with its own tariffs. The necessary network capacity is bought by the MVNO mobile network operators.
Through cooperation, the network operators are outsourcing customer acquisition, product packages, marketing and sales of the MVNOs. The MVNO gets its services from various sources. He combines and refines it. He focuses entirely on the development of products, marketing and sales. The MVNO bundles, depending on its target audience, the content and services in a collective. The content comes mostly from specialized producers who do not have a distribution channel for their content and still want to be present on the market.
MVNOs differentiate not only on price but also on the content and services that they combine in their tariffs.
An increasing number of virtual mobile network operators (MVNO) are pushing on the market. Big brands with specific target groups try to fill niche markets. For example, media companies, utilities, insurance, fashion brands or the automobile market.
There are also many Internet providers, whose services are mobile, e-mail and IP telephony are offered on the phone and also want an additional market for DSL connection. Customers can then access the services, such as calendars or photo albums on the go with their mobile phone.
Sometimes this concept produces strange effects. Mobile phones and cards are even sold at gas stations or supermarkets. However, the proceeds from the mobile phone business are only one driving business for the trading company. In recent years, especially low-cost carriers in the mobile market have emerged and have competed against one another regularly with new low prices. In the future, mobile remote companies could supply their customers with target group-specific topics and services.


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