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Nowadays through one’s mobile, a purchase can be made, the latest news headlines can be read, the newest music hits can be downloaded, films can be viewed and many other functions can be performed. Simultaneously, the liberalization of the telecommunications branch has led to a fast growth of services in both quality and a variety of services. From day to day, offerings increase and become more complicated. A group, which is made up of manufacturers of mobile devices, network providers, service providers, content providers and portal providers, is built up to deliver the desired services as fast as possible to the end customer.
In doing so, new infrastructures are built to support the data creation and to transfer them to the end customer. Inside such heterogeneous environments, with possible errors and performance problems, the new challenge is to coordinate these systems and achieving a trouble-free communication. Otherwise, the services, irrelevant of how complex they are, will never reach the end user´s satisfaction.

To test and measure the Quality of Service of Mobile Network Operator performance, PIXIP.NET provides solutions called EMQP and consist of XMASS, XOS, Xroam, Xsmart and Xanalyse.

  • XMASS is an Active Testing System for call generation and automatic service testing
  • XOS is a Real Time Monitoring System including SLA Management features
  • Xroam is based on a centralized test platform with remote mobile probes.
    This provides a very flexible and reliable solution, which can be scaled over a period of time, to meet the requirements of network providers.
  • Xsmart is the state of the art application in Network Speed Testing.
  • Xanalyse is a Data Analysis Tool incl. ETL Tool


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PIXIP.NET EMQP makes it possible to test these complex services, inside a heterogeneous environment, with possible errors and performance problems being detected quickly.


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