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Xrate is a flexible framework for mediation and rating (pricing) of usage events in a telecommunications environment. It can be applied to any real-time or batch processing environment in which high-performance management of large numbers of events is required.

Revenue AssuranceXrate is a highly flexible software package for Revenue Assurance. Xrate is capable of collecting the CDRs directly from your billing system, convert them, and recalculate the amount, with which the customer should be billed, and check if the billing system works accurate and precisely.
Xrate is designed to process a big number of events in a short period of time and together with Xmass and Xos, the system can provide a fully automated revenue assurance monitoring system.
Xrate is extendible, and that means that even in rare cases where an out of the box function can not be directly used, we can quickly and easily build upon the tried and tested processing stack to reach your destination.

Xrate is suited for:

  • VoIP Rating/Billing
  • Re-Billing
  • B2B Rating/Billing
  • B2C Rating/Billing
  • GPRS Rating/Billing
  • Tariff Simulation and Reconciliation
  • CDR Tool Replacement

In the illustration below, we have tried to list the most usual tasks that are performed in the Xrate engine.


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